“The variety of exercises gave me knowledge to take back home. Not only did they help rehabilitate me after surgery they gave me a way to continue therapy at home and get back to the lifestyle I was accustom to”
Seth H.

“I love my therapist. I had a great experience with him…He motivated me physically and mentally which gave me a quicker recovery.”
Annie J.

“I have been in other Rehabilitation centers and I have never seen a place as clean and professional as Conway Lakes Rehab”
Jenna P.

“The Administrator was very attentive to details, making rounds around the building, always making sure the business is running efficiently.”
William P.

“The key to successful outcomes in knee replacement surgery is early return of full range of motion. Once the range of motion is full, then gate will normalize and strength is then attainable. The Alter G – Anti Gravity Treadmill is one of the greatest advancements in equipment that assist in that process. Conway Lakes is one of only a few facilities in Florida that owns one.”
Dr. Kenneth A. Krumins, MD – board certified in orthopedic surgery